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Frugal = Money Smart

A frugal business is a a money smart business.

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Build Your Business the Smart Way

  • A frugal business avoids wasting time & money.
  • A frugal business invests money & time wisely.
  • A frugal business maximizes profits.

If you think running a frugal business is quaint and old fashioned, think again. Running a frugal business doesn’t mean doing without. Instead, it’s running your business keeping profitability in mind.

Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing.

However, a frugal business owner doesn't just focus on costs. The successful frugal business owner recognizes that time is more value than money. As Jim Rohn says, "You can get more money, but you cannot get more time."

Frugal Business Secrets offers you money saving and time saving tips to help you build and grow your fabulously frugal business. Subscribe to our newsletter today!

The Most Important Business Decision You’ll Make

This decision is not aboutthe structure of your business, your branding or even your Unique Selling Proposition... it's much more important than that.

According to Dr. Jean Murray, you'll make 10,000 decisions in the process of opening your own business. However, there's one simple decision you might overlook. This is a critical decision, one you should make before you make any others. This decision will ultimately determine whether your business succeeds or fails. Every entrepreneur faces this decision, although many aren’t aware of it until it's too late. When you subscribe to our newsletter, you'll a copy of this incredibly valuable resource. You'll never look at your business the same after you read this ebook.


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